PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4) – The “bad blood” between a Utah theme park and Taylor Swift is now over.

The respective lawsuits between Evermore Park and Taylor Swift have both been dropped, according to a spokesperson for Taylor Swift.

Swift’s spokesperson tells ABC4, “As a resolution of both lawsuits, the parties will drop and dismiss their respective suits without monetary settlement.”

Evermore Park, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, filed a lawsuit against Swift over trademark infringement regarding her latest album, ‘Evermore.’

Documents filed on Feb. 2 show 12 exhibits of evidence supporting Evermore Park owner Ken Bretschneider’s case, including Google search results for Evermore, items of clothing with branding, and two different letters from Swift’s counsel.

In the declaration filing, Evermore Park owner Ken Bretschneider said the Utah theme park “has invested approximately $37,000,000 into the creation and promotion of Evermore Park and the EVERMORE trademarks.” That includes expending funds in advertising and promoting, purchasing the EVERMORE.COM domain, and expending labor costs for advertising and promoting.

After news of the lawsuit went public, Bretschneider told ABC4 he received public backlash, saying,

“Taylor Swift’s PR team has gone out and made me look like the worst possible person on the planet. I’ve had people sending me death threats, I’ve had people telling me to kill myself and people who have never been to our park giving one-star reviews.”

Just weeks after the theme park sued Swift, her intellectual property management company took a different action.

Court documents show TAS (Taylor Alison Swift) Rights Management sued Evermore Park, saying the park used Swift’s songs without proper licenses before it filed its own lawsuit.

The suit also accused Evermore Park of playing songs – without proper licenses – by Katy Perry, Abba, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Britney Spears, Green Day, Gotye, Journey, Nirvana, Semisonic, Third Eye Blind, Tom Petty, Queen, Weezer, and Whitney Houston, among others.

ABC4 has reached out to Evermore Park regarding the end of the lawsuit.