Event aims to relieve grief and depression during the holidays

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(ABC4 News) The holiday season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But for many people holiday depression is a serious issue. This time of year, doctors see a spike for people coming in to seek help for sadness and depression often related to grief or a personal loss. Doctors say there are several ways to help treat depression that doesn’t always include medications. Kathie Supiano, Director of caring Connections at the University of Utah, joined Brian Carlson to talk about an event aimed at relieving holiday depression.

Supiano says there’s a difference between grief and depression. Grief is a natural human experience. It’s also a connection with people we care about who have an impact in our lives. She says it’s OK to have grief. When a person is experiencing grief or loss, it makes the holidays much harder, because the focus is on being with the people we love and sharing that experience.

If someone is experiencing the loss of a loved one, Supiano recommends planning ahead. Have a conversation with family members about needs for the holidays, whether that be doing the tradition holiday things, or taking a break. She also reminds families to be respectful of one another’s needs. That’s where the event called ‘Grief and the Holidays’ comes into play. Tips on how to navigate grief, not only through the holidays, but throughout the entire year. 

Each year, ‘Grief and the Holidays’ invites a special guest who has been through a significant grief experience and is inspirational. This year, they’ve invited Jon Schmidt, from The Piano Guys. He will be talking about the loss of his daughter, who died in a hiking incident, and how he’s learned to cope.

‘Grief and the Holidays’ will be held Saturday, November 11 at Olympus Jr. High School. It starts at 7 P.M. and is free to the public.

For any questions, call 801-585-9522 or visit Healthcare.Utah.edu/CaringConnections.

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