Ephraim City Police warn pranksters to stop calling 911

Local News

Police in Ephraim are warning pranksters to stop calling 911 and hanging up. Police have seen a recent increase of the prank calls coming from children playing with phones and then hanging up the call.

On their Facebook page the police posted this reminder:

Please remind your children that 911 is for emergencies only. For every Ephraim call that goes to dispatch – prank, accident, or otherwise – the Ephraim Police Department has to investigate the matter. Calling 911 for something that doesn’t need immediate police action, or prank calling, is a serious matter as you could be using valuable time that could be spent attending to an emergency elsewhere in the city.

While it is a good idea to teach children how to call 911 in emergencies, parents should remind their children to only call during an emergency.

They also remind the public that if you need to speak with a police officer but are not in immediate danger to call Sanpete County Dispatch at 435-835-2345 24 hours a day or the Ephraim Police Department at 435-283-4602 during normal business hours.

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