WEST VALLEY CITY (ABC4) – Ephraim Asiata has been released from the hospital following a deadly school shooting, which claimed the lives of his two close friends last month.

In a tweet, Asiata says, “GOOD TO BE HOME,” after being in the Intermountain Medical Center for almost a month following the deadly school shooting on Jan. 13.

Doctors gave 15-year-old Asiata a one percent chance of survival, and his recovery is seen as nothing short of a miracle.

Asiata is the son of Matt Asiata who was a Minnesota Vikings running back for five seasons.

The shooting, which resulted in the tragic deaths of 15-year-old Paul Tahi and 14-year-old Tivani Lopati, both students of Hunter High School, happened when a dispute between two groups escalated into a fight and ultimately, a shooting, police say.

Since the shooting, charges have been filed against the minor who allegedly shot the three teens.