Enduring love: woman attempting to marry her dead partner

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SOUTH SALT LAKE (News4Utah) -Hundreds of marriage ceremonies take place throughout the state of Utah every day but the Foerster-Grossaint wedding is unlike any other. You see, one of the brides is 74 years old and in a wheelchair…and the other bride died on May 27th.

In 1968 Bonnie Foerster had just left her abusive husband when she met Beverly Grossaint.

“I met her with two black eyes and broken ribs and so on and so forth, had sunglasses on,” Foerster told News4Utah. “She told me to take the damn sunglasses off and looked into my eyes and said she could see my soul…I fell in love. She was my soulmate…When she met me we were both lost and we became Bonnie and Bev…Bev and Bonnie for 50 years.”

For the next five decades they were inseparable.

“Dancing, laughing, singing, making up stupid songs,” Foerster recalls.

They attended Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s speech at the 1968 March on Washington and New York City’s first Gay Pride parade in the mid 70’s.

“People threw eggs at us,” Foerster said. “And rotten tomatoes and garbage at us and we were proud and we never wavered.”

Over the years Bonnie has lost a lot – her eyesight, her legs and most painfully, Beverly three months ago.

“At 5:45 pm on a Sunday and my world stopped,” Foerster said.

Now she’s petitioning a judge to be legally married to Beverly.

“When that judge pronounces that we’re married my world will begin again,” Foerster said. “I know that she will smile down on me tomorrow and she will take the grief that I feel right now and the sadness and she will turn my tears into love.”

Because people die…but love never does.

“Love is love and that’s all that matters in this world,” Foerster said. “Our love meant so much to each other. We meant so much to each other and I know when it’s my time she will be waiting for me in Heaven with open arms and she will hold me eternally.”

Bonnie will find out if the judge grants her petition Tuesday at 2 o’clock at the Matheson Courthouse in Salt Lake City.

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