Efforts by animal activists to meet with owners of Circle Four Farms rejected

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MILFORD, Utah (News4Utah) – They came looking for answers.

But members of Direct Action Everywhere, an animal activist group, were told to stay off the property belonging to Circle Four Farms near Milford.

Members of the group already face criminal charges for stealing piglets from the farm last year.

Monday, they made another court appearance and then headed to the farm near Milford. 

Jon Fronmayer was one of those who broke into the farm and reappeared at the farm, this time in broad daylight.

“Some of the first things we saw when we got here was a dumpster that was filled with dead piglets and dead mother pigs,” recalled Fronmayer of that clandestine visit.  “It was a ghastly sight.  It was sad to see.”

That night, members of Direct Action took two piglets and turned them over to a vet.  They’re facing felony criminal charges including burglary, theft and a pattern of unlawful activity.  If convicted of the charges they could be sent to prison for up to 60 years.
“Justice needs to be served,” said Paul Picklesimer, one of those facing charges.  “What’s happening to these pigs is an injustice.  The way they live, the way they’re treated.”

He said the Utahns he met agree.  He said they were shown the video from their break-in and claimed Utahns did not like what was happening at Circle Four Farms.

Following their brief court appearance Monday, members of Direct Action Everywhere returned to the scene in hopes of talking to owners, but they were escorted from the courthouse to the Circle Four Farms by law enforcement. 

Their lawyer told the group that Circle Four Farms had no intention of meeting with anyone.  In fact, they were told if anyone stepped onto their property, they’d be arrested. 

With law enforcement watching their every move, they arrived, spoke to News4Utah and met with a documentary film crew before leaving.

 “I hope that someday they’ll be able to open their doors and let everyone come inside and see exactly what is happening,” said Fronmayer.  “Today is not that day.”

News4Utah made attempts to reach the Circle Four Farms corporate headquarters for comment, but our calls were not returned.


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