SALT LAKE CITY (Utah) – Tens of thousands of Utah educators signed an online petition opposing House Bill 234, and on Friday they were celebrating.

“I just see this as a great day for the voices of educators to be heard,” said Heidi Matthews, Utah Education Association President.

“There was no consultation with educators in drafting this bill. The lack of respect for education professionals stings and we won’t stand for it,” reads a portion of the online petition.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jordan Teuscher, was introduced on Tuesday; by Friday, Teuscher says he wanted more time to allow for voices to be heard and misconceptions to be “dispelled.”

Teuscher says he’d sponsored the bill because of constituents, who have told him they’re concerned about what their kids might be learning in school.

“What’s actually being taught in the classroom, and are there things that parents don’t want to hear in the classroom, as there was finger-pointing on both sides, the underlying message I received is parents didn’t know. They had a fear,” said Teuscher.

More transparency, he says, might lower the temperature and lessen the finger-pointing so that communication between schools and parents can be optimized.

“Research shows that when you increase parent involvement in kids school, they have better outcomes,” said Teuscher.

But the state’s teacher union made their opposition to the bill known.

“Just the workload was enormous, but add to that the level of distrust, and questioning of professional integrity, it just struck a nerve,” said Matthews.