Eatery inside Chinatown Supermarket closed for 31 health-code violations

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SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (News4Utah) – An eatery inside the Chinatown Supermarket in South Salt Lake was shut down Monday over 31 health-code violations, according to authorities. 

The supermarket is located at 3390 South State Street and is still open however the deli located inside the market remains closed. The violations ranged from cleanliness issues to food temperature concerns. 

The deli will not re-open until they correct all the following violations: 

  • The person in charge is not keeping foods at appropriate temperatures.
  • Employees’ personal beverages are not separated from food preparation areas.
  • Raw shelled eggs are measuring 69 degrees on the counter.
  • Custard desserts are measuring 107 degrees on the counter.
  • Meat is measuring 54 degrees on the counter.
  • Duck is measuring 114 degrees in a warmer.
  • BBQ pork is measuring 79 degrees on the counter.
  • Hawaiian musubi (pork and rice) is measuring 93 degrees in a warmer in a display at the front of the store.
  • Potentially hazardous and ready-to-eat foods that are prepared on site and held for more than 24 hours are not date-marked.
  • Single-service items are stored on the floor.
  • Non-food contact surfaces of equipment are made of unsealed wood.
  • Cardboard is being used for shelf liner.
  • The hand sink is not sealed to the adjacent wall.
  • There is no measurable sanitizer in the final rinse of the dish machine.
  • Single-use items are being reused.
  • Surfaces of the stand mixer above the bowl are dirty.
  • Shelves holding clean equipment are unclean.
  • Utensils are not cleaned at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil.
  • Shelves are unclean.
  • Reach-in cooler handles and gaskets are dirty.
  • The tracks on the deli-style retract-in cooler are unclean.
  • The front hand sink is blocked.
  • There are holes in the walls in various areas.
  • Walls are dirty in various areas.
  • The floor is dirty in various areas.
  • Floor sinks are dirty.
  • The hand sinks are dirty; is not maintained in a clean condition.
  • A chemical spray bottle is not labeled with the common name.
  • Chemicals are stored next to food equipment.
  • Fly strips are stored above food.
  • Pesticide is stored in the kitchen.

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