Early Head Start and Child Care team up to better meet the needs of low-income families

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Every child deserves the chance to succeed.  That’s the philosophy of Early Head Start. A goal in action every day for DDI Vantage and their Early Head Start Child Care Program.

Early Head Start is a no cost program for low-income families that have a child under three years old who meet federal criteria for the services.  Once in the program, Early Head Start offers an intensive, comprehensive and flexible child development program helping individual children and families.

Ranie Barwick heads up the Early Head Start Child Care program for DDI Vantage.  She teams up Child Care Providers with DDI Vantage. They provide Early Head Start services inside the facility.  

Barwick said, “There are tricky situations for some families.  There are single parents, families in foster families, or other tough situations; these kids need a little extra support and Early Head Start can provide.”

Kid Care Co. in Salt Lake City has been hosting the Early Head Start program inside their Salt Lake City location for a few years.  They have Head Start kids and Day Care kids playing and learning together.

Denise Montgomery owns Kids Care Co.  She has been taking care of children in Utah since the 90s. 

Montgomery explained the demographic she serves, “We have 90 percent at risk, low-income kids in this center.  Many of our kids qualify and benefit from Head Start, so having the services in house we can have everything taken care of here.  Kids who have delays are being caught very early.”

Because Montgomery has teamed up with DDI Vantage and their Early Head Start program; she makes sure her children are taken care of and also has resources for the family.

Montgomery said, “It’s not just here in the daycare, but our families are getting guidance and help inside their homes.  They are getting help even when they are alone.”
Barwick explained, “With Early Head Start we have access to all resources, and we can connect them with anything they need.”

The added resources for the Head Start kids include family advocates to support each family’s needs focusing on family, community, school readiness, health, and safety.

Whatever the child needs, Head Start facilitates.

Barwick added, “Early Head Start is empowering for families, and we can help families at every angle.”

DDI Vantage allows children and young adults the opportunity to succeed, no matter their situation.  Early Head Start is just one of the avenues they have to accomplish the goal. In addition to the Head Start program, DDI Vantage runs Early Intervention and Adult Youth Service Programs to help kids and young people to succeed.

To learn more about DDI Vantage and their programs, visit their website HERE.

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