EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah (ABC4) – Eagle Mountain City revealed they lost over $1 million dollars on Tuesday in a cyber scam, and now they’re working with agencies to try to get that money back as well as find the person responsible.

The person or people responsible for the scam used a fake email posing as a construction company working on a city road. 

“It took about two weeks for us to figure out that somebody had entered an email thread posing as the vendor we were attempting to pay, and had stolen the funds amounting to about $1.127 million dollars,” Eagle Mountain City communications manager Tyler Maffitt said.

The person or people responsible used a fake email similar to the construction company working on the Eagle Mountain Boulevard road expansion project back in August.

The city sent the fake account nearly $1.13 million through an electronic bank transfer and realized it was a scam August 31st.

Some residents wondered how such a mistake could happen.

“What are the processes the city goes through to make such a big transaction without verifying [the] other end since it’s such a huge amount of money. I guess that’s concerning, really concerning,” Eagle Mountain City resident Paul Johnston said.

The money all came from the taxpayers.

“That’s so much money being sent who knows where,” Johnston said.

The city said they immediately contacted the FBI and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office when they realized they were a victim of a scam.

The sheriff’s office said finding these criminals and the money is notoriously tough to trace.

“To track these people down, to be perfectly frank, is difficult to do and they could be in a neighboring state a neighboring town or across the ocean three continents away,” Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Spencer Cannon said.

The city assured citizens they have an insurance policy in place in case of cyber attacks.

“We are confident that the full amount will be reimbursed,” Maffitt said.

And without giving specifics, the city said they’re improving policies for online payments to increase oversight and accountability, so this doesn’t happen in the future,

“This was theft of taxpayer dollars and we’re going to pursue this until those responsible have been brought to justice,” Maffitt said.

The city did not disclose who made the payment or if they have been in any way reprimanded, however some citizens said they want to know who’s responsible so that person can be held accountable.