SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – The Division of Wildlife Resources released some rare photos of baby black bears, months before they will most likely venture out of their caves.

In a press release issued by the DWR, officials said mother black bears give birth to their cubs around the first of February, deep and safe in their dens.

The cubs are born blind and weigh less than a pound, making it hard to believe they grow up to be hundreds of times their current weight.

The DWR explained biologists monitor the reproductive status of radio-collared female bears by hiking to their dens in late winter and briefly interrupt the mother’s winter nap to check the health and sex of her cubs.

“After the quick checkup, the cubs are placed back into mom’s care and the dens are covered up,” stated their post. “Depending on the weather and location, it might be another month or two before these little guys get out and say hello to the world!”

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