(ABC4) – The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is reminding Utahns of some tips to avoid conflict with bobcats, which can attack poultry and small pets, a Facebook post says.

The post comes after a slew of recent incidents in which wild animals have wandered close to human-populated areas. In early March, a coyote was spotted chasing a deer on the University of Utah campus, and a moose was tranquilized after taking a walk through a Centerville neighborhood on Monday.

According to the Division, bobcats can be found in urban areas and have adapted to leaving near humans, though conflicts with humans are not common.

Here are some steps to take to avoid attracting bobcats and to keep your pets safe from the ‘elusive’ animal, according to the post:

  • Do not approach bobcats or offer them food
  • Bring in pet food and water dishes
  • Keep an eye on pets while they are outside
  • Leash dogs while hiking
  • Bring pets inside at night
  • Do not allow your pets to play with bobcats
  • Make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations
  • Make sure that animals that live outdoors like rabbits and poultry have secure shelters
  • Trim bushes that bobcats could hide in
  • Clean up any messes under bird feeders. The seed could attract rodents, which can attract bobcats.