DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office reports that several firearms were stolen in May 2022.

The suspects in this case are Michael Tuinman, Nicole Tuinman, Howard “Walker” Clark and Tyler “Allison” Bird.

If anyone has received a firearm from any one of these suspects or anyone associated with these suspects, please contact the sheriff’s office at (435) 738-2015.

(Courtesy of Duchesne Co. Sheriff’s Office)

You may email Duchesne Co. detectives at investigations@duchesne.utah.gov or call their tip line at (435) 738-0196.

It is illegal to possess stolen firearms, however, the sheriff’s office states that “no charges will be pursued” if any one of these stolen firearms are turned into the sheriff’s office.

No further information is currently available.