Drivers near rockslide-prone areas worried about another major incident

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Over the weekend a rockslide forced the closure of one lane near the North Ogden divide on North Ogden Canyon Road, a reminder of the area’s proclivity to rockslides during wet weather. 

A winter storm bringing snow and rain made that area more prone to potential incidents, according to meteorologists Monday. Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) had crews out monitoring roads to look for fallen rocks and other debris. 

“Small rocks come down and we come along with trucks and our guys will either kick them off to the side of the road or we will use snow plows – we will remove them any way that we can,” said Vic Saunders, spokesperson for UDOT Region One. 

Cindy Maher of Eden said the area near Pineview Reservoir is of particular concern to her. In 2017, she said her car was hit by falling rock, costing her about $2,000. 

“I heard a thump and I knew something had hit my car but I didn’t know what it was,” she said. Now, she takes a different route to Ogden, instead of going through Ogden Canyon, for fear of rocks falling down the mountain during the winter. 

There are few, if any, barriers in the mountains to catch falling debris, UDOT said. The area above the road falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government, according to Saunders. 

In December, a Layton man was critically injured after falling rock crushed his truck near Pineview Dam. 

Maher said she would like to see barriers put in place to protect drivers. UDOT said drivers have to be extra cautious, especially during wet weather in the canyons. 

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