SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A driver who was allegedly travelling 89 mph in a Tesla on North Temple, smashing into another car and killing two people in January 2020, has been arrested after a warrant was issued in March following his failure to appear at a court summoning.

The man, Lincoln Richard Bywater, has been charged after allegedly getting behind the wheel with a .20 BAC level, causing an accident that ended with his passenger, 35-year-old Joseph Lucero, and the driver of the other vehicle, 50-year-old Sarina Astorga, both deceased.

On the morning of Jan. 5, 2020, officers were called to the accident in the area of 900 W and North Temple.

Authorities say two vehicles had been involved in the crash, a black Tesla Model S and a black Nissan Sentra, and were both heavily damaged.

Court documents state that officers obtained video footage showing the Tesla travelling at 100 mph before the accident and 89 mph at impact.

The speed limit in that area of North Temple is 30 mph.

Additional video footage allegedly shows Bywater leaving the Grand America Hotel and entering the driver’s side of the Tesla, accompanied by Lucero in the passenger seat.

Neither Bywater nor Lucero were wearing seatbelts, according to authorities.

Astorga was reportedly taken to the hospital in critical condition after the crash, and died from her injuries four days later.

Lucero was also taken to the hospital, but was released on Jan. 10, and died from his injuries just a week later at his home, according to court documents.

Bywater has been charged with the following:

  • Two counts, Manslaughter (Second Degree Felonies)
  • One count, Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
  • One count, Speeding (Infraction)
  • One count, Failure to Wear Safety Belt (Infraction)
  • One count, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device (Infraction)