Draper families warn about buying dogs online

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DRAPER (News4Utah) – Two Draper families are warning others after they believe a woman knowingly sold them sick puppies. 

Janalyn Osborn says after hundreds of dollars of veterinarian bills, she’s still not sure her puppy will survive.

 “We had our dog in the vet, and he’s been incredibly lethargic and we’re trying to help him fight for his life right now,” said Osborn.

She and another neighboring family saw an ad online for the puppies and paid $900 each for them. However, shortly after bringing the new pets home, they realized something was wrong.

“When we got home, it was really hyper and all that stuff but then it just like died down and laid down the rest of the time, and then it died,” said a member of the neighboring family.

The neighboring family’s puppy died within 24 hours of them bringing it home.

Veterinarians said the puppies both had parvo, a deadly and contagious disease.

The families say they contacted the seller but heard nothing in response. Then, going back online, Osborn says the ad was still up, but only for one last puppy. She decided to act and confront the woman. The woman said she had no idea the puppies were sick and had no intention of selling them sick puppies.

According to the Utah Humane Society, under the law, even if the woman knew, they still may not be much they can do.

“Most places in Utah aren’t responsible to provide any care once the purchaser has left with that new pet, they are now the legal owner and incur all cost,” said Deann Shepherd, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Humane Society of Utah.

Both families say they hope others can learn from their traumatizing experience. The Utah Humane Society says it’s important to do all your research before you buy a pet, and make sure to always get some sort of purchase protection in writing in case something goes wrong.

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