SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Many downtown Salt Lake City businesses are reaping the benefits of Utah Jazz home playoff games.

With more fans now allowed into Vivint Arena, that means more people are visiting downtown.

The restaurants ABC4 spoke with on Main St. said they are making back the money they lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a big economic boom when the Jazz host playoffs games, and they could potentially host 15 more if every game goes to Game 7 and the Jazz make the championship.

Salt Lake City developers said on average, a Jazz home playoff game brings in $3 million to downtown businesses.

Whiskey Street on Main is one of the restaurants flourishing from this.

They make 20% to 30% more during home games.

Matt Crandall, its food and beverage director, said for example, on Sunday, Game 1 against the Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies, the bar was the liveliest it has been since before the pandemic.

He said he hopes the Jazz keep winning, so he keeps winning financially.

“It’s been super beneficial for us to make up some of the losses that we occurred over the last year,” said Crandall. “People are really eager to get out and dine, socialize, have a drink, hug people, and cheers to one another, so business has been great.”

Crandall said it helps his bar is open late and open on Sundays, and most importantly, has good vibes.

Essentially, the further the Jazz go in the playoffs, the more downtown businesses will benefit.

“People are excited about this team, and it shows in downtown Salt Lake and the energy in the bar is through the roof on Jazz nights,” said Crandall. “People are screaming and yelling and having a good time, cheering, and eating, and drinking, and rooting for the team.”