Downtown prepares for busy holiday weekend

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – Multiple events downtown this weekend are expected to bring tens of thousands of people. Business are gearing up with extra staff and police will be out in force doing DUI patrols.

This is the last weekend for lights downtown, the Cleveland Cavaliers being in town to play the Jazz, and Sunday being New Year’s Eve.

At Maxwell’s in Salt Lake City they are preparing for hundreds. Server Tim Leary said even working the holiday has its benefits.

“It’s just kind of a good vibe all around,” said Maxwell. “It’s busy but it’s fun.”

The business is a nightclub on Friday and Saturdays. Leary said they’ve had to order extra food and hire more security for the thousands expected.

He notes while they’ve never major seen issues during New Year’s Eve, having extra staff still helps.

“We always just try to keep it light and fun and have everyone having a good time,” I said Leary. “I think security plays the biggest part in that only because if things start to get out of hand the more the merrier to take control of those situations.”

Many of the major events downtown will also have police on hand. While normal patrols take place around the city. Detective Richard Chipping of Salt Lake City police said while they don’t expect any major issues they do keep an eye out when so many are expected to be drinking.

” Large crowds gathering together there is always that possibility of people getting drunk and getting a little rowdy,” said Det. Chipping. “So people need to keep their wits about them.”

Patrols will also be out in full force doing DUI patrols. Det. Chipping said they want to make sure people are being safe and suggest they plan their rides before going no out.

“Unfortunately someone always thinks they’re the exception to the rule,” said Det. Chipping. “We hope to prevent that from turning into a incident or a bad accident and that’s why we’re out here.”

Police are also warning those who do plan to drive downtown not to leave valuables in their cars. With vehicles being parked for hours it could make them targets for thieves.

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