SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) — Neighbors questioned their safety Tuesday after a woman was shot in South Jordan Monday night and taken to the hospital.

They said the city is typically known for being safe and quiet. 

There is a lot of data available, but there is nothing published yet from this year.

South Jordan PD said there isn’t a spike in violent crime and community members aren’t that worried about it. However, larceny cases are on the rise. 

“The first instance we actually had someone come up to our home,” said Zach Hollis.

Hollis, his wife, and two kids have been living in Daybreak for a little more than three years.

His security camera caught a thief stealing from his home in broad daylight.

It shows a man getting out of a white truck and casually walking up to his driveway.

He sees the latch to the bed of the truck is open and goes for it and after he’s had enough of the car, he takes some toys from the yard; a tow hitch and Hollis’ kids’ skateboards.

This is the second time Hollis’ personal belongings have been stolen.

A thief previously stole some items from his car and his wife’s.

“Thieves are always going to be opportunistic,” said South Jordan public information officer Rachael Van Cleave. “If you make it easy for them, you are going to be their target.”

Data from South Jordan Police Department’s 2020 annual report shows crimes like larceny have risen slightly.

Larceny cases increased by nearly 200 from 2018 to 2019.

“So consistently over many many years South Jordan has remained one of the most safe communities in the Salt Lake Valley,” said Van Cleave.

“They are more so on alert now than before which is sad because they are really having to think about what’s happening in the area and be aware of their surroundings and who’s in front of the house, behind the house,” said Hollis

Hollis moved here from the Oakland area for his job wanted to make sure he found a safe community for him and his family.

He said he used to think South Jordan was safe until he and his wife had property stolen from their cars.

“Now we never leave things in the car anymore, unfortunately,” said Hollis.

Van Cleave said if a resident thinks it’s safe it is always wise to lock up the cars and house and leave the garage door down especially when they aren’t home.

ABC4 spoke to many South Jordan residents Tuesday that told us they want to see the police department more engaged with the community in person and on social media.

They would like a heightened police presence.