Donating your breast milk is just as important as breastfeeding

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Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank celebrates World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, seeking to bring awareness to the benefits of breastfeeding, the importance of normalizing breastfeeding in the workplace, as well as the lifesaving impact of donating breast milk for those who can’t produce their own — particularly for fragile infants in hospital neonatal units. Donated breast milk saves lives.

Only 30 percent of newborn ICU mothers can supply enough milk for their premature infant. Milk banks are there to support the other 70 percent who either cannot express any milk or express quantities too low for infant sustainability. Donor milk is breast milk that has been expressed and pasteurized by a high producing donor. Milk banks screen donors, pasteurize, and then test the milk to assure quality and safety for newborn ICU infants. They then send that milk to newborn

ICUs for those infants in need. Milk banks also work to increase breastfeeding rates, to increase the supply of donor milk, and as non-profit businesses, to keep costs as low as possible.

Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote infant health and nutrition by screening, processing, and dispensing donor human milk.

Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank has donor collection sites established in Utah and neighboring states to collect donated milk. Collected milk is then sent to the nearest nonprofit human milk bank, Mothers’ Milk Bank (a program of Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation) in Denver, Colorado for processing and distribution.

Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank is only months away from becoming a fully-operational milk bank right here in Utah, which will allow the organization to better serve all of the NICUs in the region. Screening, collecting, processing, and distributing the milk from a Salt Lake City location will be more efficient and cost-effective than relying on shipping milk to Denver and back.

Fewer than 30% of mothers with an infant in a newborn ICU can sustain their own milk supply to discharge. An exclusive human milk diet allows preterm infants to tolerate and advance to full feedings faster, go home sooner, and experience fewer complications. 

Join MWMMB and follow the organization’s activities on social media. Contact the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank for questions or location information at You can also called toll free at (877)367-9091. Visit for more information.

About World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week is sponsored by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, with the mission to inform people about the links between good nutrition, food security, poverty reduction and breastfeeding, and to anchor breastfeeding as the foundation of life.

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