Domestic violence warning after Sandy shooting

Local News

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is speaking out after a women and her child were shot and killed in Sandy Tuesday.

Police say Memorez Rackley and Jeremy Patterson had a verbal argument on the day of that deadly shooting.

Patterson, according to police, shot Rackley along with her son — and wounded two other children.

Just days before, police say Rackley called police to say Patterson was harassing her.

“It’s important for people to realize that there are signs,” said Jenn Oxborrow with the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

“Most intimate-partner violence homicides are preceded by stalking. So, if someone is stalking someone and has access to a firearm, we know that the risk factors are very real,” added Oxborrow.

“In the last five years, less than two percent of the domestic violence homicide victims in Utah had an order of protection at the time of their murder,” said Oxborrow.

“Less than two percent. So, we know that people in very dangerous situations are having a hard time getting help,” she added.

Her message for anybody struggling through a situation of domestic violence is to call them at 1-800-897-LINK. It’s a free and confidential call.

“It’s difficult for people to talk about this because it’s embarrassing, and it’s complicated, and often times the person who is perpetrating this type of violence and abuse is somebody that you also love,” said Oxborrow.

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