Dogs from overcrowded TX shelter arrive in UT

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MURRAY, Utah (News4Utah)  Homeless dogs and puppies are safe in Utah after a rescue from an overwhelmed shelter in Texas. 

They arrived Wednesday after a 1,500-mile journey facilitated by Best Friends Animal Society. 

“It’s really exciting to jump in and do a project to save these lives,” Lawrence Nicolas said, Best Friends Animal Society regional engagement manager.

At Second Chance for Homeless Pets in Murray, volunteers unload the animals into waiting arms of foster parents and shelter partners. Donnie Mason’s taking one home. 

“They come out and they’re shaking and some of them are thin and need to be loved,” Mason said. 

It’s a story that could be different. They came from a shelter that receives as many as half of the surrendered animals seen in the entire state of Utah a year.

“This is one shelter that is dealing with an incredible amount of animals,” Best Friend Animal Society spokesperson Temma Martin said.

The dogs came from Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg Texas, which puts down an average of 44 animals a day because of lack of space. 

“It’s really a case of supply and demand. Their shelter is receiving a lot of highly adoptable, very desirable dogs that would go quickly in any other part of the country. But they need some help,” Martin said. 

It’s the first doggie delivery from the shelter as Best Friends works to transport animals to other regions of the country. 

“We hope they all get adopted out with good homes and good families,” Mason said. 

 The dogs and puppies will be available for adoption at the NKUT super adoption at the State Fair Park November 2 and 3. 

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