MOAB, Utah (ABC4) – Duane “Dog” Chapman, from the hit show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is coming to Moab over the weekend to investigate the murders of Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte.

Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were two newlyweds who were murdered in August 2021 while camping in the La Sal Mountains, a popular tourist destination outside Arches National Park.

Schulte and Turner had both been shot multiple times.

“They end up being peppered with bullets in their camp site,” said private investigator Jason Jensen.

“Who would do such an act? You’re out in the middle of the wilderness in a national park,” added Jensen.

It’s a question Jensen has been helping Schulte’s father to answer. Now, Dog will bring massive visibility to the unsolved crime and hopefully help, too.

Jensen says Dog can get people to talk based on his celebrity status. And by brining more attention to the crime, somebody with drone footage or GoPro footage or even dash cam video might be reminded of their Aug. 10-14 visit last summer.

Possibly that could lead to a suspect vehicle.

According to Dog, Schulte’s father has invited him and his team to assist in the investigation.

(Crystal Turner, left, Kylen Schulte, right, courtesy of GCSO)

A Facebook post from Dog states, “You may recall that Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were in Moab around the time of the murders but no definite link between the two cases has yet been substantiated.”

However, the Grand County Sherriff’s Office (GCSO) released a statement in January saying, “Upon investigation, the FBI and Florida Investigators have determined, based on electronic transmission evidence, that neither Petito nor Laundrie were involved in this case.”

Grand County officials are also urging the public to think twice before sharing information about the investigation into the murders of Schulte and Turner on social media, saying, “such information tends to be misinformed, inaccurate, and unhelpful to the criminal investigation, if not dangerous.”

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the GCSO at (435) 259-8115 or (435) 259-1397.

Likewise, Dog is asking anyone with information to text or call his team at (833) TELL-DOG.