UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A dog was shot and killed in a Macy’s parking lot Tuesday evening after attacking a 16-year-old girl as well as a man who stepped in to intervene.

Around 6 p.m., the girl was attacked by “a group of pitbulls,” outside of the Santaquin Macy’s where she works, according to Santaquin Police.

One dog is said to have actually bit the girl, but there were reportedly three dogs total.

A man was walking into a nearby store when he heard her screaming for help, police say.

He reportedly ran over and placed himself between the girl and the dogs in an effort to protect her. Additionally, other bystanders were able to get the girl inside to tend to her injuries.

One of the dogs attacked the man, causing him to then shoot and kill the animal in defense, police say.

The owner of the dogs had parked in the parking lot, and had left the car running, as well as cracked the windows due to the heat.

The owner went inside and one of the dogs “appeared to have possibly stepped on the switch” and rolled the window down, allowing for the dogs to escape the car.

The girl reportedly had “some pretty significant scratches” that broke skin on her arms, as well as puncture wounds on her left leg. These injuries were treated on scene, and she was then taken by family to the hospital where she received additional care.

She has since been released.

Police say the owner of the dogs was very apologetic, and is cooperating with police about the incident.

The owner will face possible charges of a Dog Attacking a Person and Dogs Running at Large, as well as animal licensing issues.

No further information is currently available.