Dog hospitalized after paw cut by razor blade at Ogden Dog Park

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OGDEN (ABC 4 News) – A South Ogden woman is warning other dog owners to be careful at dog parks, after her husky’s paw was cut by a razor.

Amy Kendrick said she normally takes her two huskies, Akita and Odin, to the South Ogden Dog Park. But because of renovations, she decided to take them over to the Ogden Dog Park on Monday.

“About an hour into playtime, I looked over and my dog was holding his paw up. Immediately, I went over to him and it was dripping blood and so we packed him up in the car and headed straight to the vet,” said Kendrick.

Her veterinarian said Odin’s paw was cut by something really sharp, such as a scalpel or razor blade. Kendrick connected the dots after talking to her friend later that day.

“Before I had gotten to the Ogden Dog Park, my friend told me she had picked up two razor blades there – one down by the river and one by the fence,” said Kendrick.

Kendrick contacted Ogden Police to file a report, but didn’t hear back. She took to social media to warn others about what happened. Her post was shared hundreds of times.

“I can’t understand why somebody would intentionally want to hurt any person or any animal. Especially animals, they have no voice for themselves,” said Kendrick. “I wanted to get the word out to just be careful. It’s so wrong.”

Ogden City’s Public Services Director told ABC 4 News that Kendrick’s social media post was brought up during this week’s city council meeting.

As of Wednesday morning, city workers were at the dog park with metal detectors. The Public Services Director said he could not confirm whether there were razor blades, but he said they will increase monitoring of the dog park.

“It’s just one of those things where you expect to be in a safe environment when you go to a public place, whether you’re taking your kids to the park or your dogs to the dog park,” said Kendrick.

After an overnight stay at the vet, surgery and a couple stitches, Kendrick’s husky, Odin is back home recovering.

“We’re lucky it wasn’t something worse,” said Kendrick.

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