(ABC4) – COVID-19 has shifted the world to digital, and that applies to school too!

Many Utah school districts have decided to offer online learning options for the 2021 to 2022 school year. These options are meant to accommodate students who preferred learning from home, as well as those who do not feel comfortable returning to in-person learning just yet.

The following school districts will be offering some version of online learning to students this fall. Please check with your school district for more information.

Box Elder School District– The district will be offering full-time online school for high school students grades ninth through 12th. Interested students will need to register with Sunrise High School, a 24-credit school which will provide online learning for the district.

Cache County School District– Online learning options are available for middle and high school students but not for elementary school students. Elementary school students whose parents would prefer they learn online can use other options, such as Washington County’s Utah Online School, according to the district.

Canyons School District– The district offers Canyons Online, a limited-space program that allows students to learn from home on a flexible schedule. The district’s website says it is not a response to COVID-19 concerns and follows the same curriculum as in-person learning.

Carbon School District– Remote learning will be offered to students who miss three or more consecutive days of school.

Daggett School District– The district offers students the opportunity to learn online through the BYU Independent Study program, which offers over 550 online courses to high school, middle, and university students. Edgenuity is also available for credit recovery. See your school’s counselor for more information or to register.

Davis School District– Davis Connect Online School is available for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. There are several options to choose from, including learning in an online classroom with an online teacher and peers. Other options allow parents to take the lead on teaching.

Granite School District– The district offers virtual classes for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Students will receive virtual interactions with instructors, lectures, discussions, and feedback for students.

Ben Horsley, communications director for the district, says it offered an online learning options for grades nine through 12 even for COVID-19. After surveying parents, the district learned that about 5% or more families were still interested in an online learning option for fall. The same hybrid option is available for high schoolers and a live option is available for all ages, Horsley explains.

Iron County School District – Online learning options are available for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Elementary school students (Kindergarten through sixth grade) can enroll in K-6 Online School, where they will receive online support from an Iron District teacher during school hours.

Secondary students (seventh through 12th grade) can learn through Sundance Learning Group for a personalized learning experience.

Jordan School District– The district is offering Jordan Virtual Learning Academy for all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade for the 2021 through 2022 school year. This online option is tuition-free, and students in seventh through 12th grade can enroll either full or part-time.

Juab School District– Students can choose from among a variety of educational options, including a blended environment, which gives them the opportunity to attend lesson in-person as well as digitally. Students can also choose to learn completely online using digital resources.

Murray School District– When registering for the 2021 to 2022 school year, parents are required to declare whether their child will be learning online or in-person, according to Doug Perry, Director of Communications and Public Information at Murray School District. Students may begin the year online and return to in-person learning at the end of the semester.

Morgan School District– Parents can register their children with Morgan Online School, which begins on September 1st. This option is also available to homeschooled students.

Nebo School District– Any families who may be worried about sending their student to school this fall can enroll them in the district’s online school, Nebo Online Learning Summit, according to Lana Hiskey, Communications & Community Relations Administrator.

North Sanpete School District– The district is partnering with Edgenuity to offer online and blended learning options. All students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who will be learning online will be enrolled at Pleasant Creek School.

Ogden School District– The district is offering a limited number of openings for Ogden Online Elementary School. Students will learn core essentials such as English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Park City School District– Students in grades seven through 12 can register to learn through Utah Student Connect, which will allow them to receive original credit, credit recovery, and grade forgiveness. Students can register for up to six credits online per year after meeting with a school counselor. Students must take final tests at a proctored location within the Park City School District, according to the district’s website.

Provo City School District – Students who choose to learn digitally will be assigned to a Provo Digital Learning Teacher and will need to commit to the option for the entire first term or quarter of the year. Students will receiving teaching in core subjects and supplemental support in other subjects, the website says.

Salt Lake City School District– The district is offering virtual and remote online learning experiences for elementary, middle, and high school students. High school students can choose to participate in the Innovations Early College High School, Utah Students Connect, or Statewide Online Education Program.

Tooele County School District– Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade can choose to learn online through Blue Peak Online or My Tech High. Blue Peak Online is taught by licensed teachers in the school district. Students will be allowed to re-enroll in in-person learning each quarter, according to the district’s website.

Wasatch School District– Wasatch Learning Academy allows parents to be their child’s primary learning coach. Students can select specific classes through Harmony Educational Services. Harmony may reimburse costs of reliable internet service, according to the district’s website.

Washington County School District– The district will offer free public school online through Utah Online School.

Weber School District– The district is offering online courses for students in ninth through 12th grade through Weber Online. Full-time enrollment is also available to students in first through eighth grade that live within the district’s boundaries.

Utah Online School– According to the program’s website, Utah Online School is offered to all Utah students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a free, online public school.

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