Doctor brings minimally-invasive, highly-focused prostate cancer treatment to Utah

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HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Prostate cancer is the number one cancer in men. A Utah doctor says he’s one of the few in the country trained in a minimally-invasive procedure called HIFU to treat prostate cancer. It allows patients to maintain their quality of life.

Dr. Steven Gange uses focused ultrasound and heat to treat and kill prostate cancer, but he’s only been able to perform this type of procedure internationally until now.

“My father was a gentleman who didn’t get his prostate checked. His options were limited by the time he caught it,” said Paul Huber. 

Paul Huber’s father died of prostate cancer, so when Paul eventually got it, he did his research and found Dr. Steven Gange at Summit Urology Group in Holladay.

“Dr. Gange is on the forefronts and had done it more than any of the others,” said Paul.

Dr. Gange uses the HIFU method, which stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound in the prostate using robotic technology.

“It’s like using a magnifying glass in the sun. A pinpoint, kind of like a bullet of energy. The same application is used to focus sound waves, ultrasound to achieve a tiny pinpoint of energy to focally treat prostate cancer.”

The FDA only recently cleared this treatment for prostate cancer so Dr. Gange and Paul had to travel abroad to places that were approved.

Dr. Gange has performed roughly 45 of these procedures in Mexico and the Cayman Islands. He says out of those patients, only one patient developed recurring cancer and was treated with radiation.  

He says using the minimally-invasive HIFU comes with low side effects: no incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

“Almost as effective as surgical removal or radiation of the prostate with fewer side effects,” said Dr. Gange.

“Check your PSA, find the right doctor, this is the procedure for you if cancer is caught early,” said Paul.

Paul has no sign of cancer and hasn’t missed a beat. 
“Having no cancer, being active with my wife, going kiting going skiing,” said Paul.

Dr. Gange says because of the recent FDA clearance, he can treat patients in Salt Lake. There may be some insurance restrictions to cover the cost of the procedure. 

Men should be checked annually with a blood test and prostate exam beginning at age 50, but with family history, you’ll want to check, start at age 40. 

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