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UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Get your maps and phones ready, it’s almost time for the annual Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt.

Kicking off on June 5, the Utah Lake Commission and June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program are teaming up to announce their 2nd annual Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt.

“Photo, Video, Text, and GPS scavenger hunt missions are created and assigned point values by organizers, and players are automatically awarded points after completing each submission on their device via the GooseChase app,” share event organizers.

According to officials, those participating will be required to follow missions including answering trivia questions about the lake, watching videos with educational content, and capturing photos or videos of various recreation activities and all sorts of missions to specific access points near the area.

The scavenger hunt is anticipated to start at 8:00 a.m. and will run until Sunday, June 13, 10 p.m.

The Utah Lake Commission states winners will be announced every day the scavenger hunt is active, Monday through Friday, on the Commission’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, and in the GooseChase app. Officials say the grand prize winner will then be announced within a week of the hunt ending.

“Points accrued on weekends will count towards Monday’s daily prize and the grand prize,” shares the Utah Lake Commission. “Each team may only win one daily prize per game. All teams, whether they have or have not won a daily prize, will be eligible for the Grand Prize.”

According to the Utah Lake Commission and June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program, the grand prize will be awarded by a raffle based on participation/mission points.

“The points you earn by doing missions, along with your bonus points, will determine how many entries your team gets in the raffle,” they add.

Officials say participants will receive one entry for every 10,000 points their team earns: 400-10,000 points = 1 entry, 10,001-20,000 points = 2 entries, 20,001-30,000 points = 3 entries, and so on.

How to join the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt

Download the Goosechase app

Zoom over to the app to get the ball rolling. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Sign in

Once you have the app downloaded, choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username and password.

Search for Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt

Now, search “Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt 2021” or enter game code “67WMDX” and use password: ULSH21.

Hello dream team

After you have joined the team, follow the prompts to create or select a team. You can also just play by yourself.

Mission Ready

Once you have completed the following steps, you are set to embark on the Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt. Missions include recreational activities at the lake, trivia questions, history topics, and more.

When it comes to participating, there are also some rules that are required to adhere to according to the Utah Lake Commission.

Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt rules

  1. You must live in Utah
  2.  One team per household or friend groups with less than 10 people. You may play as a team of “one” if you want to.
  3. You must contact the Commission within 7 days of winning to claim your prize, email 
  4. By participating in this game, you agree to allow the Commission to share your photos.
  5. By participating you acknowledge that other players will be able to see your photo/video submissions, please black out any personal information before submitting.  Any profane or vulgar submissions may be grounds for dismissal from the game.  
  6. Winners will be determined by mission points.  Bonus points will be applied to Grand Prize, missions where bonus points are included in the mission description and may be used as tie-breakers for Daily Prizes.
  7. According to the ULC, there are no fees involved to play the game however there may be entrance fees and/or minimal rental fees in order to complete. Officials say participation in the hunt does not waive those costs.
  8. Isolated algae blooms may be present on Utah Lake. “Know before you go” about algae blooms and how to spot them. Watch for signs of blooms and avoid them. Learn more at: 
  9. UTC urges participants to check the weather, wear a life jacket, and otherwise follow water safety recommendations while on the water participating in this scavenger hunt.

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