UTAH (ABC4) – Here is some good news to kick start the day.

On April 26, the Driver License Services and Division of Motor Vehicles are reinstating DMV registration renewal postcards.

According to officials, the Utah State Legislature has approved its funding, and the first batch of cards will go out at the end of April for vehicles expiring in May.

According to the Driver License Services and Division of Motor Vehicles, as postcards are being prepared for delivery, it is recommended to update your physical address at dmv.utah.gov.

However, though DMV registration renewal postcards have been reinstated, officials still encourage the public to register for an email notification instead, which can be down through their website.

If anyone is to opt-in for an email renewal notice, the DMV states that they will not receive a reminder postcard. And to those who do opt-in, officials share that email renewal notices will bring the following benefits:

  • Easily printable with all required renewal information, including PIN
  • Follow-up emails if you forget to renew
  • Improved protection of your vehicle information
  • Successful reminders even if you move and forget to notify the DMV

The DMV originally stopped sending car registration renewals by mail back in September 2020. Officials share that as the world continues to push forward digitally, old processes need to be reviewed. They say that this step is to “help your tax dollars go further and to help protect the environment.”