Dixie State University linebacker from Hawaii died from low sodium levels, family states

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ST. GEORGE, Utah (KHON2) Dixie State University linebacker Abraham Reinhardt died suddenly on Friday as a result of low sodium, according to his family.

Family says the death of Abraham Reinhardt, 23, was linked to a condition called hyponatremia.

The Reinhardt family tells us Abraham had a kind, serving heart and was entertaining on and off the football field.

He died of hyponatremia, a condition of abnormally low sodium levels.

How that happened, the family says, is a mystery. 

Reinhardt’s parents say they couldn’t be more proud of what he accomplished. Reinhardt went to Dixie State University and was offered a full tuition scholarship to play football as a linebacker. 

Everything he did he excelled in, and he was very kind to everyone around him. It’s amazing because he was almost like a magnet, they just come, said Reindhardt’s mother MalaniHe had a kind soul. He loved Jesus, which was the main thing for us.

On Tuesday, Reinhardt was rushed to the emergency room.

Family says he suffered muscle pain and spasms, which turned into seizures causing brain swelling.

He died on Friday.

Abraham passed away. What ended up happening was his sodium levels just dropped. Being that it just dropped, we have no idea why. It just dropped. That’s the mystery, his mother said.

Dr. Jim Ireland tells us when salt levels go down drastically and suddenly it can cause complications such as headaches, seizures and vomiting

It can even be fatal.

There are a number of reasons people could have low sodium. 

There can be exercise-associated hyponatremia where you lose salt through sweat and exercising and you’re drinking pure water, said Dr. Jim Ireland, Assistant Clinical Professor at JABSOM. Another way to get it is just by drinking too much water too fast.

Dr. Ireland says you should drink when you’re thirsty. 

If you’re not thirsty, there is some controversy on whether you should quote push fluids, said Dr. Ireland. In my opinion, drinking sports drinks or things that have electrolytes in them is safer than pure water, in a sense that you are getting some of that salt back.

Reinhardt’s family has been left wondering why this happened, but they have faith. 

We’ll just leave it at that and move on and let my son keep touching the community and keep spreading the love of Jesus Christ. That’s why we get to smile because we can see him one day and cannot wait to see him and hug him you know, said his mother. 

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