MIDWAY, Utah (News4Utah) Representatives from Utah school districts learned how to protect themselves during an active shooter attack Friday.  

Kari Bryan was a senior at Columbine High School when two students shot and killed her classmates. 

At the active shooter/ self-defense training held by TigerLight at the Zermatt Resort, Bryan is representing the Nebo School District. 

“Yes, statistics say that it’s not that common but it is becoming more of a concern,” Bryan said about the risk of an active shooter.  

Master trainers show how to fight an attack with Utah-based Defense Alert Device or D.A.D.

The hand-held device can disorient an attacker while silently alerting others through an app. 

“If I’m in a classroom and I get an alert and there is an active threat, I know where that threat is. Now I have an opportunity to get myself and the kids out of the school and not run to the gunfire,” Gloria Marcott said, Tigerlight staffer and law enforcement trainer. 

Trainers advise rearranging classrooms with teachers closest to the doors able to take action.

“We are talking about stopping the person at the door because teachers are the default gatekeepers anyway,” Marcott said.

This summer, 2,000 school district employees in New Mexico will use the device made here in Utah. 

“We have a manufacturing facility in Woods Cross and distribution facility out by the airport,” Founder Michael Teig said. 

Training organizers said other Utah school districts and city municipalities have also expressed interest in the device.