MOAB, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  When you think Moab, you think the outdoor adventures you can find from the hiking to biking to jeeps. It has some of the best trains in the country. But did you know that Moab also has an amazing art scene and creative community in the heart of downtown?

Moab is known for the outdoors and downtown has some unique charm. From the restaurants to the accommodations to even some special street corners, it becomes clear the arts are a power player among the red rocks.

Moab mainstays like The Gonzo Inn know their town’s personality keeps people coming back.

“Everything around here is different, the clock is backwards, it’s different. Make it unique so everyone has that feeling when they stay.”

“History and culture of Moab spans millions of years geologically and archeologically, there are many cultures-it’s not quite like the rest of Utah or the rest of the world,” Christy Williams-Dunton, Moab Art Trails, Creative Director.

Williams-Dunton decided to showcase that with an annual rotating sculpture exhibit. Moab Art Trails kicked off this year. You can no spy 16 sculptures created by 11 different artists of the west enriching the art trail.

From street corners to the peaceful pathways, visitors get the chance to share the artist’s vision.

<Michael Ford Dunton/ “Forces at Play 5” Creator: “I love seeing it on display, I love sharing art and of all these shows, I’ve done like this, it’s always great to see it out, it’s public art, that’s what it’s intended to be,” said Michael Ford Dunton the creator of “Forces at Play 5.”

Dunton says picking up a sculpture map and strolling through town is brand new experience visitors can have regardless of how many times they’ve visited the area. Each sculpture is up for sale and after a year of voting, the people’s choice means a reward for one the artists. Visitors take home the real reward after getting the chance to experience a beautiful side of Moab for the first time.

 “This is a landscape of imagination, a landscape of discovery, of surprises, perhaps of meaning, if people interact with the art, if people interact with the art and have any one of those, I am completely thrilled,” said Williams-Dunton.

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