SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A young pup is making his way from Texas to Utah after he was found injured on the side of a road unable to move.

Herding Haven, a dog rescue that specializes in dogs with special needs here in Utah, received a call from a San Antonio shelter about a three-month-old cattle dog Animal Control dropped off.

The puppy, later named Clark, is believed to have multiple fractures in his lower limbs. Because of that, he was scheduled to be euthanized.

That’s when the shelter reached out to Kathie Beals who serves as the president and founder of Herding Haven. She immediately started looking for ways to save this little pup.

“I got onto Facebook and Instagram and other social media sites and put out the call for anybody that could go to the shelter and pick him up and hold onto him for us,” said Beals.

A short time after the post was made, someone reached out.

One of our former adopters’ brothers lives in Austin and he drove up to San Antonio and pulled the puppy out on the day he was to be euthanized,” Beals explained. “Another woman offered to foster him in Austin so she’s been holding onto him.”

With the puppy secured in a home, the challenge of bringing him to Salt Lake for emergency surgery was the next challenge.

The difficulty when you have a puppy with fractures is that puppies grow and puppies heal really fast and so when you’ve got a fracture situation if you don’t get them in for surgery soon, things start to heal, but of course, they’ll heal incorrectly,” explained Beals.

With time on the line, a former adopter offered to donate her skymiles to get the pup to Utah.

She saw the post on Instagram and she was very taken by the post and offered to donate miles,” said Herding Haven volunteer Adrien Elseroad. “At that point, I thought you know someone’s going to drive him here, and then nobody stepped up. And then finally I was like ok! Donate the miles and I’ll go get him.”

Clark is scheduled for surgery early tomorrow morning.

Herding Haven has high hopes for a full recovery, but if he does not get function back in his back legs, his fight is not over.

We actually have an arsenal of doggy wheelchairs and so we will get him a wheelchair that will fit him and we’ll get him accustomed to the wheelchair if there is some chance that he can’t use his back legs, but we’re really hoping that we caught it early enough.”