NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Time is of the essence for a North Salt Lake woman and her daughter. Both have disabilities and have been evicted from their home.

Robin Boulais and her daughter Carlee have until Monday to vacate.

According to the landlords at Camelot Mobile Home Park, Robin “does not have a lease agreement with the property owner” and is either “subleasing” or has “purchased the mobile home without first being approved.”

“They have no information, basically is what they’re telling me, that I moved in here, which is kind of funny because you have to get approval to be able to buy,” explained Boulais.

Robin told ABC4 News that she’s live in the home for over four years and has always paid her rent on time. Her lease agreement was filed with the previous owners of the mobile home park and they lost it, which is why the new owners don’t have it.

“As my lawyer has explained, it’s not my responsibility. That was the management’s responsibility. If they didn’t do their job, it’s not my fault,” said Robin.

RHP Properties owns the mobile home park. They emailed ABC4 the following statement:

“The resident in question did not properly notify our management office they intended to move into the community prior to doing so, as required.  We have allowed her to stay in the community and provided legal paperwork so she may begin the approval process.  That process was completed and unfortunately, the individual does not meet the requirements for residency. Our requirements for our residents are in compliance with the state residency laws.

Our rules and regulations state that when any new residents are added to the lease or are listed as occupants of the home, they must go through a background check. This policy has been in place for all our residents for a long time. We were never notified of this person living in the home. We are willing to work with this individual on an appropriate timeline to leave the community providing they communicate their plans and intentions to us.”