Developers present revamped plans for Cottonwood Mall site

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HOLLADAY, Utah (News4Utah) – Holladay City Council heard the official presentation for development plans at the old Cottonwood Mall site.

The original plans did get some push back, so developers made several changes which they presented Thursday evening.

It’s still a ways off before something could be seen at the site, but the council and residents got a peak at some of the possibilities of mixed use residential and commercial. Some Holladay residents still had questions and concerns.

After public backlash to the original plans Ivory Homes and Woodbury Corporation lowered heights of buildings and reduced the number of homes they planned to build.

Developers say in today’s climate they need a certain amount of residents to help support the businesses on the commercial side of development.

“The lunch traffic in an office park does great. The dinner traffic in an office park doesn’t do very well,” said Jeffery Woodbury, Senior Vice President Woodbury Corporation.

There was no public comment Wednesday night, but dozens of Holladay residents came out to see what could be in store for the 56-acre lot.

Debbie Haymond said she likes what’s she’s seen so far.

“I like the mix of the homes and I like the mix of the commercial space and the open space is really important,” said Haymond, Holladay resident.

Her house is also located on one of the only major through roads, and she worries about the heavy traffic.

With plans calling for wiggle room on the amount of commercial and residential many residents also worry about unintended consequences.

“It’s been nice to be in an area where it’s community based. So I’m afraid that will disappear depending on how much commercial space is used,” said Haymond.  

An open house will be held at Holladay City Hall on March 27th where residents can ask questions. Official public comment can be made during a meeting on April 5th at Bonneville Jr. High.

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