Despite obstacles, woman delivers healthy baby girl at intersection with help of strangers

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OREM, Utah (ABC4 News) – Despite a magnitude of obstacles, an Orem woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl at an American Fork intersection last Friday.

Emily Acor said she could tell she was in labor but the contractions would taper on and off. Emily said they did not feel like the situation was urgent, so when they started again in the early afternoon, she called for her niece to come babysit her two other children.

Her niece arrived around 4 p.m. and that is when Emily, her husband Mark and her mother Becky Higginson headed out the door. 

“Things escalated quickly at that point,” said Emily Acor, “I was in our car with my husband, and my mom was right behind us. Once we got to the way to the freeway, our car died.”

Her mom pulled over and Emily got into her car while her husband stayed behind. During the drive to the hospital she had intended on delivering at, her water broke. 

“I knew from experience with my other children that once my water breaks, I only have a few minutes,” Emily said. “So we decided to go to a closer hospital, but had already passed the exit so my mom pulled over to the side of the road as she was not sure how to get there.”

Emily’s mom pulled over on the off-ramp, got out of the car and started waving frantically. That is when Becky said two twin sisters, Ashley Haws and Adrienne Braun, pulled over to help. 

“My mom wanted help getting to the hospital so the sisters lead the way but when we got to Main Street and 1st East in American Fork, I knew that the baby was coming right then,” Emily said.  “When my mom pulled over, the baby was already coming out. The girls had pulled over with us and while Adrian called paramedics, Ashley opened the door and helped me to get into position to deliver.”

Emily said Ashley told her push but she knew she didn’t really need to. The baby came out during a contraction. Ashley caught the baby and put her on Emily’s chest and another stranger, Kyle Gulley, who had pulled over to help, covered both Emily and her baby with blankets. 

The fire department was only a couple blocks from the fire station, so EMS was there within minutes, Emily said.

Emily’s husband Mark had also arrived just minutes after the birth of their baby. Thanks to his sister who picked him up, he was able to ride in the ambulance to the hospital with his wife and baby girl.

Emily said they named their baby Sophia and both mom and baby are healthy. The nurses kept telling her that everything is perfect with no complications.

The Acor’s have two other children, Jenna is almost 5 and Joseph is almost 3. Everyone is doing well and excited about their new addition who just couldn’t wait to meet her family.

Emily said the next day, she became friends with Ashley and Adrienne on Facebook and Kyle and his family visited them in the hospital, saying “complete strangers that have now created a lasting bond.” 

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