SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – The latest jobs report shows Utah’s unemployment rate stayed the same at 3.1 percent, but the economy added more than 48,000 new jobs. Despite the good numbers, several industries are finding it hard to fill positions in such a hot job market.

Restaurants have reported having a difficult time hiring staff. The construction industry is having trouble getting enough workers to meet the high demand of growing area.

The tech industry is also feeling the pinch. John Knotwell is President and CEO of the Utah Technology Council and said there are currently more than 5,000 open tech jobs around the state. His biggest concern is that the number of openings will stunt future job growth, and companies would think twice about expanding here.

“We’ll see companies say you know I can’t get the talent I need here then I’m going to look for places where I can get that talent.” said Knotwell. “I might relocate a portion of my facilities there.”

Knotwell notes all major tech cities are experiencing a talent shortage. He said the amenities of Utah has often attracted the talent here.

“We also have a quality of life that really does attract people here easy access to recreation,” said Knotwell.

With tech, construction, and hospitality having trouble filling positions a major concern for the state economy is the slowing of job growth. Nate McDonald of Utah Department of Workforce Services said there could come a point when that happens, but they haven’t hit it yet.

“So those two worlds haven’t collided yet, so the question mark is when will it?” said McDonald.

Much of the state’s focus has been on STEM degrees, but also training people for positions that don’t need four year degrees. With the job market so tight McDonald said it’s a key time to change careers if that’s what people are seeking.

“Our message to them is now is the time to do that,” said McDonald

McDonald said many companies are having to offer more money to keep and retain employees. The average pay for someone in the tech industry is now around $84,000 according to UTC.