LOGAN, Utah (ABC4) – The Logan High School parking lot has become the latest victim of vandalism in Utah.

On Wednesday, the Logan City School District says graffiti containing racist imagery and language was found in the lot.

In a photo shared with ABC4, the vandalism appears to be in a parking spot painted to read ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Vandals appear to have spray-painted out ‘Black’. A swastika can be seen above the word ‘Black,’ and the year ‘1776’ is spray-painted at the entry of the parking spot.

Between the swastika and ‘1776’, suspects have written, in chalk, #NOWHITEGUILT, #AMERICAFIRST, #14WORDS, 1488, and WE ARE EVERYWHERE. Also drawn in chalk are a cross, a swastika, and a lightning bolt.

Two tire skid marks can also be seen over the spot, but it is unclear if this is from the same vandals.

The Logan City School District says the vandalism has been documented and reported to police.

“As clearly and explicitly as possible, the Logan City School District condemns both the use of racist language and imagery in any context, and the harmful ideologies that promote their use. We are saddened by this act of vandalism, and reiterate to our students, staff, and community our commitment to promoting a safe and equitable learning environment for all students.”

The district adds that they “have received numerous phone calls and emails from community members who are seeking ways to demonstrate their support for our students who may be negatively affected by the vandalism.”

“With our community’s support we will continue our efforts to provide a positive environment for all students in our schools so that each of them feels valued and safe. We will also continue to support our students and staff in their efforts to promote equity and inclusion, both in our schools and across our community as a whole. We thank you for your efforts in this area.”

During a Thursday press conference, Governor Spencer Cox called the vandalism “terrible” and “despicably racist.”

Last week, officials in North Ogden asked for help identifying the suspects after various parts of the city were defaced.

In early June, The World Famous Yum Yum Food Truck, which serves Filipino and Asian Fusion dishes, shared photos of their vandalized food truck. The spray-painted graffiti included racial slurs which may be disturbing to some viewers.

In Salt Lake City, multiple cars and an Orthodox synagogue were vandalized. Rabbi Avremi Zippel says a suspect scratched a swastika into the front window of their synagogue.