Deputies stepping up enforcement on the water

Local News
WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Deputies and Park Rangers will be out in force across Utah’s waterways this weekend and through the busy summer season. They will be stepping up enforcement looking for violators.
Sgt. Mark Horton of Weber County Sheriff’s Office said they could have up to 400 boats at Pineview Reservoir by Memorial Day. They are gearing up by doing inspections of boats, and keep an eye out for violations which could impact safety.
One off the biggest problems seen is drinking and driving on the boats.
“The DUI laws apply to motorboats too the same as they do a car,” said Sgt. Horton.
Deputies are trying to make sure all boats have the required equipment on board before hitting the water. Sgt. Horton said often the smallest things can lead to bigger problems.
Life jackets are one thing often overlooked. By law there must be enough on board for every person, and children 12 and under must be wearing them while on the boat.
Overloading a boat is another issue often seen on the water. Sgt. Horton notes it’s often too many people, but can also be too much equipment on board.
He’s seen several situations where having those people on board can turn dangerous.
“We deal with a couple sunken boats a summer,” said Sgt. Horton. “Where they boat just simply sinks and generally capacity is a factor.”
Other violations deputies will be cracking down on are people traveling too fast in designated areas. They also point out boats can’t create wake if they are within 150 feet of another vessel.

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