SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A third of Americans are taking medication that can cause depression. That’s according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Some 200 prescription meds could lead to depression. But, it’s the really common drugs that may surprise you. We are talking about common drugs you probably have at home such as ibuprofen, Prilosec, allergy meds such as Zyrtec and birth control pills. 

The study published in JAMA shows blood pressure medication, steroids, heartburn meds, allergy and birth control pills could affect your mood.

Krista Schonrock, Medical Director at Select Health which is a health plan associated with Intermountain Healthcare says the more drugs you take on the list, the higher the risk of depression.

“For example, you’re skiing you hurt your knee. It’s not terrible so you say I’ll take some ibuprofen it will get better. Maybe the ibuprofen upsets your stomach. So you take omeprazole to help with the ibuprofen. Now you have two medicines that are on the list that could increase your risk for depression. And you’ve changed your activity level that could increase your risk for depression so you’ve got 3 factors against you,” Schonrock.

Physicians say don’t stop taking these drugs before consulting your doctor. Also, be aware of any signs of change in your mood.

“Many of our physicians do screening on a routine basis. They screen everyone who walks through the office for depression. The other part for patients, don’t be afraid to say, you know this is how I’ve been feeling, is that normal? Is this something I should worry about? I’m noticing some changes,” said Schonrock. 

Watch for loved ones too, for any changes in mood and behavior. If you do have concerns, bring all your medications you take to your doctor or at least a list of those medications that include over the counter and prescribed drugs to your doctor.