SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Phase 1 demolition has finally begun on the Sugar House apartment building that was destroyed in a fire on Oct. 26.

The building was still under construction when the fire erupted, but hundreds of people in neighboring buildings had to evacuate for safety reasons.

The Salt Lake City Fire Department has stated it still does not know the cause of the fire. An investigation task force handles large fires like this, composed of members from Salt Lake City and Unified Fire Departments as well as the ATF. According to the Salt Lake City Fire Department, these types of investigations usually take at least a month and sometimes as long as three months. A spokesperson with the fire department said so far, they’ve interviewed around 75 people. 

Most people in the area tell ABC4 News they’re ready to move on and seeing demolition is a good first step. Many residents expressed frustration over traffic issues. All roads in the area have reopened except South Highland Drive. Officials said it will likely stay that way for at least another week. 

While many businesses have been able to reopen, there are still several that are closed because of worries the building could collapse into the business or because glass is still falling onto the business’s sidewalk.