Defacebook? Weber School District uses social media to track down vandals

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ROY (ABC4 Utah News) – Four young men who vandalized Roy High School may soon be caught because of surveillance video and Facebook.

They emerged from the darkness around 5 am Sunday and went to work spray painting obscenities on the exterior walls of Roy High School, home of the Royals.

“It’s just malicious,” Lane Findlay of the Weber School District said. “Kids for whatever reason don’t have anything better to do.”

Findlay posted the video and photos on the District’s Facebook page and described the suspects.

“Maybe late teens or early 20s,” Findlay said. “Kind of looked like they knew what they were doing so we’re wondering if maybe there’s a connection to the school, current students or former students.”

They covered their faces with T-shirts but still photos reveal one’s distinctive tattoo. Another is seen carrying bolt cutters which they used to snap locks and break into a shed, actions that could bring criminal mischief and burglary charges.

“Even though their faces are covered it’s really great because you can see a lot of detail,” Detective Josh Taylor of the Roy Police Department told ABC4 Utah News. “You can see body types and hair styles and all that kind of stuff. It’s actually great video that’s helped us in our investigation.”

What these early morning artists didn’t count on was their pictures being posted on social media. The Facebook posts are generating leads and if they’re caught, their lives could become a Royal mess.

“It can go on your record as a criminal charge and that could follow you and potentially affect future jobs or schools or anything else like that,” Det. Taylor said. “It might be all fun and games at the start but after it’s all said and done it may not be.”

If you recognize any of those four individuals, call Weber County Dispatch at 801-629-8221.

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