Debris from t-bone collision crashes through windshield of parked semi, narrowly missing driver

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SOUTH SALT LAKE (News4Utah)- Dozens of people managed to walk away from a crash involving three vehicles and a school bus Wednesday morning with only a few cuts and bruises.

Just after 8:30 a.m. police say the driver of a red pickup truck made a left turn from 3300 South onto northbound West Temple.

Gary Keller, Executive Officer with the South Salt Lake Police Department, said the sun was in the pickup truck driver’s eyes and as the driver turned left, they were t-boned by the Columbus Foundation van carrying 5 special needs adults, Keller said.

The collision caused a metal bar to fly from the red pickup truck into the windshield of a parked semi-truck nearby. Keller said the semi-truck driver was sitting inside the vehicle at the time.

“The guy was just sitting in the truck, having his coffee…[he was] extremely lucky…could have been disastrous and deadly,” Keller said.

A schools bus carrying about 20 kids was stopped at the intersection during the time of the crash. Keller said during the collision between the truck and the van, the pickup truck spun and tapped the school bus.

Keller said no children were injured. He is urging drivers to be extra cautious.

“We’ve got a lot of conditions now that are facing drivers. Yesterday we had early morning darkness, now we have the sun in their eyes,” he said. “Drivers, keep your windshields clean, keep your visors clean…take all of the stuff off of your visor so you can put your visor down and have a clear view.”

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