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FARMINGTON (ABC4 News) – Parents, students, and teachers took to Davis School District for a special meeting on the district’s reopening plan Thursday night.

The Davis School District Board of Education is moving forward with a hybrid-schedule option for the upcoming school year. School board members voted unanimously to stay the course with their current plan during an emergency meeting Thursday evening. The meeting happened to address concerns amid a large turnout during Tuesday’s regularly-scheduled school board meeting.

Some like Corinne Johnson want kids to go to school five days a week. She has five children in the district and says she’s concerned about student’s mental health.

Davis School District Father and son want in-person five-day school weeks.

“We saw a sharp increase in depression, anxiety, and even suicide amounts our kids and teens, and we also saw the lack of resources that we’re able to be given to underprivileged and under-supported students,” said Johnson.

Davis School District Teachers for hybrid reopening

One teacher says the spread of COVID-19 can be worse under that option.

Davis School District teacher comparing reopening options

“We have to consider the mental health of our students if they come back and people get sick,” said Davis School District Teacher Chera Fernelius. “If they take this home to grandparents to parents, if one of the teachers dies, what about that mental toll? How do they deal with that?”

Debates got heated at times outside but stayed civil.

Heated debate outside Davis School District on reopening plans

Inside the district meeting, the board heard more from parents, students, and teachers.

One woman for the in-person classes said, “The risk outweighs what’s good. The good is the education they are getting from these amazing teachers that are out there.”

A teacher told the board, “I don’t want a bunch of active shooters in my building in the form of a virus. I will step in front of a bullet for my students, I don’t want them to be the bullet.”

Kira Wooton who’s a student in the district took the podium in favor of the hybrid learning option.

“My sister is at high-risk because she is a type one diabetic, I definitely do not want this disease to infect her,” she told the crowd.

Davis School District Board President John Robinson

Board President John Robinson said the board voted for a plan and the plan has three options: remote learning, a hybrid schedule, or five days a week in-person class.

After checking with legal teams, he says the board does not have to revote for an option because the plan as a whole was accepted by the state.

The board took a vote anyways and it came back unanimous for the hybrid option.

Dad’s positive message

Davis School District parents will need to plan on sending their students to class two days a week and remote learning the other three.

The district may release the hybrid schedule sometime Friday.

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