DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Davis School District Board of Education member has stepped up to substitute teach a sixth-grade class on Wednesday.

School board member Gordon Eckersley volunteered to educate the students at Endeavor Elementary in Kaysville after their regular teacher called in sick. 

Eckersley says his heart goes out to educators during this difficult time and wanted to do his part. 

This week, several Utah schools districts have expressed their dire need for substitute teachers. Some districts are going as far as to ask parents to substitute.

On Wednesday, Sandra Riesgraf, a spokeswoman for the Jordan School District, said, “We extended our incentive pay program that offers up to $500 for subs who work a certain number of days. We also asked each school to produce an emergency substitute teacher list, which is mostly made up of parents.”

Ben Horsely, a spokesman for Granite School District, states, “We have had around 2200 sub requests since Jan. 3. It is a major issue and asking parents to help out is something we have and continue to do.”

Eckersley currently teaches at a Davis County private school and has about 45 years of education experience. He has been on the board since 2015.

Substitute teachers are in high demand across the state because a significant number of teachers are getting sick with COVID-19.