LAYTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Layton spa shut down after the owner was arrested on charges of sexual solicitation, exploitation of prostitution and money laundering. 

According to charging documents, Layton police received several tips of sexual acts being offered for sale at the Golden Day Spa, Asian Massage. Undercover officers opened an investigation and found that the business was advertised on offering a “Happy Happy Asian Massage,” with a price of $45 for 30 minutes.

The owner of the business was listed as Zehung Wang.

On September 8, an undercover officer went in for a massage. The Asian employee told him it would be $45, but that for a $40 tip it would be a “happy massage.” The officer kept his money and left.

On September 12, an undercover officer returned. This time an Asian woman attempted to touch the officer’s penis during the massage. Again the undercover officer stopped the massage and left.

On September 15th, an Asian female employee made a sexual hand-gesture and told the officer she would do it on him for a $40 tip.

On October 12, an undercover officer returned and asked for a 30 minute massage.The Defendant herself began the massage. During the massage, the Defendant pointed at the officer’s groin area and smiled while making a sexual hand gesture. The officer asked “how much?” The Defendant held up four fingers and mouthed “$40.”

The police obtained search warrants for the business and the Wang’s apartment
nearby. Officers located large amounts of cash and deposit slips of up to $8,500 into the 
Wang’s bank account.

Police interviewed one of the female employees who stated that she answered an ad and was hired over the phone to come to Utah and work. She stated that she had only been in Utah for three weeks and that she would regularly perform sex acts as part of her work for the Wang at the Golden Day Spa.

Wang was arrested and booked into Davis County Jail on two felony charges and one misdemeanor but has since posted bail.