FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – Deputies in Davis County will not enforce certain measures that infringe on 2nd Amendment rights. It’s a new policy that has county officials’ support.

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Sheriff Kelly Sparks with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office says the residents of Davis County are concerned about their 2nd Amendment rights.

“So this is not a 2nd Amendment sanctuary,” says Sheriff Sparks.

Working with the county attorney and commissioners, the sheriff says the county’s new policy deals with any type of federal memo or policy that would infringe on second amendment rights.

Davis County Sheriff’s Office

“Our policy does not talk about laws that are passed appropriately,” he says. “If something has been passed by the U.S. Congress or the state legislator and it is shown to be constitutional, obviously we are going to enforce those laws.”

Some people have expressed concerns about criminals who may try a capitalize on the new policy to holster a firearm.

The sheriff says, “For those folks who have forfeited their right, their constitutional right to bear arms because of being involved in criminal activity, we will continue to vigorously enforce those laws.”

The policy went into effect on Tuesday. Sheriff Sparks tells ABC4 it’s more actionable than just declaring the county a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, something officials left on the table six weeks ago.

“It hasn’t been spawned because of any specific incident or order, it’s really an effort to get out and in front, and address some of the concerns that many of our citizens have about the potential infringement on constitutional rights,” he adds.

County officials believe the Second Amendment policy complements the Sheriff’s Office’s ability to protect all individual rights under the Constitution.