(ABC4) – Utah County Attorney David Leavitt is responding to what he calls false allegations from his challengers. He’s addressing his past four years as county attorney and how he says his reputation is being damaged.

Leavitt says he is wrongfully accused of being involved in a ritualistic child sex abuse ring. He told ABC4 in an interview, that he came forward without being officially named in the investigation because a reporter tipped him off.

Jeff Gray, Leavitt’s opponent held a press conference Tuesday at the state capitol to address the investigation. Gray says Leavitt is dysfunctional. Leavitt responded to that by saying he is the only prosecutor in the race who holds every party accountable.

Leavitt and Jeff Gray are the only two names on the Republican primary ballot. Adam Pomeroy withdrew. 

This is all going on while the primary race is two weeks away on Tuesday, June 28.

You can watch ABC4’s full interview with David Leavitt below: