Danger in your garden

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LAYTON (ABC4 News) – A Utah woman is calling for caution amongst gardeners after nearly losing her eye to garden chemicals. 

Vicki Williams is an avid gardener and says she rarely uses gloves.

After a few hours in the dirt this weekend though, she washed her hands as usual then touched her eye. Her doctors diagnosed her with a corneal abrasion and believe the culprit was gardening chemicals, either hers or the ones used by the nursery. 

Gardening experts say gloves are a must, but so are long shirts and pants and closed toes shoes. Ashley Drexel is a supervisor at J&J Nursery in Layton; she explained, “It is a law to look at all instructions on the back of every chemical because you could be harming another person, the environment, or yourself so you have to take precautions on all of those.”

Williams and her eye are doing well. 

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