Damaged campaign signs bring rivals together

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WASHINGTON TERRACE, Utah (News4Utah) – Vandals targeted campaign signs of a candidate for District 11 House of Representatives in Weber County.  

It happened three times in less than two weeks to Jason Allen. In an unlikely turn, it’s brought political opponents together. 

Just off Highway 89 Thursday, Allen and his dad re-hang large campaign signs that were damaged. 

Twenty-five campaign signs were spray-painted with insults Tuesday night. Allen estimates up to $1,000 in damages.

“This is what happens when you put yourself out there. When you’re out there trying to make the community better, people are going to disagree with you,” Allen said. 

The vandalism focused around his neighborhood, making the father of four think it’s a personal attack.

I’ve been a high school math teacher, I was telling some friends, maybe I didn’t pass a kid. I coached baseball. Maybe I didn’t let a kid play the position he wanted. I don’t know,” Allen joked. 

“I wouldn’t condone that. It is unacceptable,” District 11 incumbent Kelly Miles said. 

Wednesday morning, Miles offered to immediately remove the signs as well as a helping hand to clean them up. 

“It was important for us not to let it stay that way and kind of combine against it and let people know it isn’t acceptable,” Miles said. 

Allen’s campaign volunteers rallied instead, but the candidate is grateful for the olive branch during a divisive political climate.

“That’s a good move on his part. I’m glad that he did that. It made me feel a lot better on a really rough day,” Miles said. 

Damaging campaign signs is a Class C Misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine.  The Weber County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the vandalism. 

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